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Belonging to an artist who develops modified books and collage art, Karen's Whimsy also uses pages and pages of complimentary clipart.His paintings of boats and ships sell well at auction and sometimes sell for significant quantities of money. The majority of these borders are lively and colorful with seasonal styles, so if you are preparing a seasonal or theme wedding event you might find the ideal image here.Microsoft themselves have a great resource for templates, and this is among the best I've selected from their borders collection. There are a minimal number of artists' signatures offered to browse free of charge on website.

Your 2nd question is incredibly vague, and I wonder if your artist's name is written in a Cyrillic alphabet, as it does not seem to recommend a common West European-style name.Surreal art is incredibly popular amongst young artists nowadays. If the saleroom specializes in paintings, ask. If, nevertheless, your paint by numbers research study has actually reached a dead end, you might perhaps approach an auction house or art dealer in your city for their advice. There are numerous noted artists with the sir-name "Van de Pas," however none with the first name "Ma." I suggest you call the pertinent department of a big auction home by e-mail including images of your item.

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Sadly, Bauman is a relatively common name worldwide, and there are quite some artists who may have painted your images.This can clearly be seen in the work of many of the illustrators and artists working around completion of the 19th century, such as Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, Vincent Van Gogh, and Aubrey Beardsley, where tidy, uncluttered images ended up being more important than the picky, highly-detailed work of earlier European artists. I suggest you have a look at the auction listings on There is no charge for this, and you will have the ability to see the prices accomplished at auction for over seventy works by this artist. There are many listed artists with the sir-name Wadsworth. It is difficult to precisely value a product without seeing it in person, so I recommend that you approach an auction home or art dealership in your city for more advice.

Paintings by this artist are collectable and reasonably valuable, however please be aware that there are numerous prints around, and these can often be hard to differentiate from a watercolour. Amalia, there are lots of methods which you can boost your love and career luck, according to Feng Shui. My research study suggests that the items are unlikely to have a remarkably high worth, however it may be worth entering them into auction or offering them to an art dealer in your city. Right-click one of the images and save it to your computer as a GIF file. When you examine the back of your painting try to find ideas such as old labels and auction numbers. There are a number of popular artists with this surname and you may be able to narrow it down by browsing on 'Gobbi painting images'.